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I’m so tentative about having sex with someone else, I feel like a little virgin again


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Current work in progress, which is of a car that i’ve been obsessed with for years and years now, a BMW E30 M3. So far around 4 hours invested. 

300ZX Cockpit

Stale Sandbech at The Mile High Presented by Carlton Dry.

(by Michael Muraz)

Neva and Frannie, true loves!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everybunny!
Anonymous asked:

Where are the photos of you (nude/fully clothed) I'm making a fool of myself guessing the tags

Aw hahah, I’m glad you asked at least!

clothed (mostly)


Lukasz Wierzbowski

Hello lovelies. I’m sorry if I haven’t been up to myself lately. I rarely share personal details of my life, but I think some openness is something I need today.

The last month I’ve been focused to the point of fixation on my significant other. Today we said goodbye before we move two-thousand miles away from each other. We’ve made the decision to no longer remain romantically invested in one another, and that’s hard in itself. But finding yourself 2000 miles away from the thing you recognize as home is scarier, and I am terrified to be apart from the best friend I have ever had, so I’ve been sad the last few days.

I’m still very sad, but I’m making changes now. I’ve let focus on myself be sacrificed to focus on “us” the last few months, and I am excited to have time to apply all of the things we taught each other. It is rare that two people so wholly effect one another to want to change the entire world, but I am grateful to have had such precious time with someone who has motivated me to spend my life making the world a kinder place. If there is anyone els win this world even half as good a person as he is, I want them to experience the best world they can. I’ll be very busy with school, work, and adventures, but I’ll make photo sets and blogging part of that routine! If any of you guys ever need to talk about something going on, or just feel like chatting, never be afraid to contact me! It may take a few days to reply, but I always try my hardest to reply to any private messages. Thank you, lovelies!


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